Saturday, April 4, 2015

Have a Great Day

I have a student currently iny class- let's call him Bobby. Bobby is a student with significant learning disabilities, and he is a student in our school's ILC, individualized learning center, only he attends the Writing Lab class I teach for students who struggle with writing.

Usually when I have students like Bobby in class the other students are awkward with them. It's different with Bobby, though. My students in this class include him in everything they do. I have to say it gives me hoe for my students who struggle. 

All too often my Writing Lab  students try to act hard until the moment they realize they are in a room with people just like them- people who have significant struggle for a lot of different reasons. 

It began with a girl in class who asked him to participate in an activity on the first day. Since then he has not only been included, but they ask his opinion, students workshop with him on their writing, and they include him in their laughs.

My favorite part of every day, though, is when he leaves my class early to go back to the ILC  to gather his things in order to catch his bus at the end of the day. One time only the big football player in class participated and yelled at everyone, so now everyone makes sure they yell a big hearty, " Bye Bobby- see you tomorrow!"

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